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just before she gets shot in the back and dies immediately! Joe confronts another killer on a ski slope, where it ends up on a chase on skis, his prey dying by falling over a cliff. Charles and Samuel do not know each other exists. I get more excitement watching goldfish swim in a bowl. The underacting of Haggerty (who says, "Oh, my God!" as if it's commonplace when he sees the two sleeping soldiers getting riddled with invisible bullets the overacting of the lead baddie (Steve Horton who stares wide-eyed and laughs at every conceivable moment and the stunts. What this film lacks in budget, it more than makes up for in sheer chutzpah, as the real scavengers are shown to be those that are in authority; corrupt to the point of no longer acting humane. This film also cements the fact that the only talented Van Patten sibling is Timothy (who is now an Emmy-winning TV director as both James and Nels have the emotional range of a piece of quartz. This film a career low for Stella Stevens (she's done plenty of bad films, like wacko 1981 and little devils: THE birth 1993, but none of them are as awful as this) and leading man David Broadnax (who passed away in 2000 at the age. Hands returns with the crippled girl, she is clearly nervous.

Hunter'S crossing (1983) - Here's one of late director Teddy Page's earliest Filipino actioners, filmed back-to-back with fireback and blood debts (both 1983) and utilizing many of the same actors and technical crew. It's over an egg of a different sort: a device known as "The Egg" that contains data of all the locations of American spy satellites. When Vari's men kill.D., Hammer finds a tape that Greg made that says the key he gave Hammer is to a locker that contains a fortune in stolen money. Martin and his team then assemble some hang gliders (Where were they hiding them? With the townspeople shooting at the farmhouse (ignoring the fact that there's an innocent family in there! Karlson are actually lovers (the kidnapping was all a set-up to extort money from her husband but our trio do manage to snatch her back and intend to complete their mission. Santiago's remake (or rip-off, if you prefer) of Jack Starrett's THE losers (1970).

West and Montel agree to go at it mano-a-mano, but Montel pulls a fast one and shoots West dead. Corbett notices the Omega symbol tattooed on Berkeley's arm and, since no ransom is demanded, seeks help from his old Army buddy Philly (George DiCenzo, in the film's best performance) to help them figure out why a Nazi organization would want his daughter. The dubbing is really bad here (a lot worse than usual Harrison's voice especially, and the script (by Timothy Jorge) is full of lines like, "You bitch! Duncan's lead scientist, Professor Yamamoto (Ken Watanabe, who co-wrote the screenplay with Kristoff to test the effects of the formula (It's never made abundantly clear what the formula actually does, but it has something to do with LSD and mind control, turning the kidnapped young. A Peace Arch Home Entertainment DVD Release. Well, it turns out he never left his office, so he was never in any danger (unless he stubs his toe on his desk). They were hired. After appearing in a handful of films, she was found dead of a drug overdose in a skid row motel room in 2004. There's not very much meat to the plot (the script was written by Trenchard-Smith and Paulmichel Mielche.

It turns out that the corpse of the pilot is actually that of our dear Newsweek Man of The Year and he has been missing for over two years. Ricco takes a professional interest in the case (he's continually being raked over the coals by both the cops and the Press for representing Franklin and springing him but the more he digs into the case, the more it looks like Franklin is innocent. First off, it's a miracle that the stupid and awkward Kevin even graduated kindergarten, much less the police academy. He eventually joins forces with a private detective (Billy Franklin) and a male nurse (Nick Delon) in his search for the killer, who really does nothing that can even be called Satanic except rape and kill (Don't be fooled by the cover box art). That will soon change. While not a great action film, bulletproof is a thoroughly entertaining B-movie that could only come from the politically incorrect 80's. Patrick's son Sean Donahue (who was also co-scripter and stunt co-ordinator) gets hit with so many cars and falls down so many times, I'm surprised he not retarded or eating his meals through a straw.

Giant on his private island (where Agent 00 dons a jet pack and takes flight!) and tries to save the life of a captive Irma. you'll be scratching your head and wondering: Wouldn't they rather he was queer? Farling the man orders. It's all just bullshit! Instead you'll find a bored-looking Estrada walking the streets probably wondering how his career has sunk this low, an unreal look of how the courts operate and a cameo appearance by Joey Travolta as a sleazebag lawyer (are there any other kind?).


The trio leave the house just before the Inspector and his men arrive. Justice (1999) - Though the plot has enough gaping holes to drive a freight train through, I enjoyed this crime drama (released on video as backlash ) mainly for Charles Durning's ( whetranger calls - 1979) performance as a tough-as-nails cop trying to protect his. This is a very minor war/adventure film directed by Antonio Margheriti, using his frequent "Anthony. The soldiers battle it out with some gooks (you can tell they are gooks by the cone-shaped straw hats they wear) while. A "few years later a group of gunmen, led by Charles Barner (Robert Mason; WAR without END - 1986 invade the home of Professor Arlington (Mike Monty in a Speedo!) and shoot-up his pool party, killing all the professor's hired bodyguards except for McPearson (Bruce. He's beginning to get my goat!" IN gold WE trust (1990) - Another wild Thailand-lensed action flick from director/producer. In both films, the diverse groups are being led around like puppets and each person must use their separate talents to help the group survive. He intends to drive through the most populated part of the city and blow up the van. All of the prisoners are shot dead in a hail of gunfire, but Seabo disappears, never to be seen or heard from again. It's part war film, part heist film and 100 off-the-wall.

Charter pilot Chuck Taylor (Miles O'Keeffe) is set-up when a delivery of what he thinks is medical supplies turns out to be a huge shipment of "Peruvian Flake". While it's not too hard to figure out who killed Tran's little girl, it's a nice change of pace from the normal war actioner, where the rest of the film would normally be jungle warfare with lots of firefights and explosions. Ragner, Ed Justice, Don Jackson and.J. Michael Berryman ( THE hills have eyes - 1977) has an extended cameo as "The Tech one of Satos' henchmen, before he is mercifully shot in the head. Deacon quits the police force for good and begins putting heat on the street gangs. Vicky gets police protection, but that proves to be highly ineffective (the police are portrayed as sincere, but handcuffed by laws that protect the criminals more than they do the victims). Henry Silva is his regular bug-eyed, sweaty self (some of his expressions are priceless) and he even gets to rape Darlanne Fluegel. The story may sound interesting, but the execution is way below sub-par.

It is a striking scene, almost poetic in it's execution. It seems Dad stole stole Travis' motorcycle and he now wants the keys, but Travis kills him and a bar full of mutants when they try to take them (while a mutant woman in a fur bra dances next to a broken jukebox). Even the twist ending is telegraphed early on and the death scenes have an over-reliance on using slow-motion (Henderson is no Peckinpah, that's for sure!). where Frank is tortured and abused (including that old prison standby, the pressure hose shower). When West and his goons surround Alex's house and threaten Sarah's life, Montel turns hero and saves her life. Matt is put back on active duty by Admiral Frazer (Leslie Nielsen; prom night - 1980) a nd is ordered to work with old Navy nemesis Michael Mitchell (Jeff Conaway; who is more famous today for his stints in celebrity rehab) and the Admiral's niece. Commander (1987) - Overlong, but violent, Italian Rambo clone filmed in the Philippines.

Kay and Laurie have a few run-ins which makes life pretty unbearable for Laurie. Pretty soon, the ninja begins showing up at the scenes of crimes in progress, disabling the criminals (when he doesn't kill them, that is) and anonymously turning them over to the police. After killing Brother Ma in the sewer, Wanfei drives a car through the Boss' living room, grabs a shotgun and begins blowing everyone away, which climaxes in a pretty nifty slow-motion waterbed explosion. Jake rescues her and Adam gets away, but he's pissed. Hell, even Jan-Michael Vincent looks sober here! This film has to look up just to be at ground level and that's what makes it so watchable.

Directed by Alan Roberts, who got his start directing porn ( panorama blue - 1974) and sexploitation ( young lady chatterley - 1977; THE happy hooker goes hollywood - 1980) and then unknowingly directed the anti-Muslim flick innocence OF muslims (2012; for more on that. When he awakens, he vows revenge on all those involved. Also available on the maximum action DVD compilation from BCI Eclipse. Can Matt and Sean stop the illegal sale and disarm the active warhead before it is too late? "He thinks he's Lex Luthor!

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Vendetta is Logan's only directorial effort. Director Clay Borris ( pright 4: deliver US from evil - 1992) ladles on the graphic mayhem in buckets as you witness various impalements, limb-severing explosions and other bloody mischief. B.I.G.) most coherent and well-made films. It's not only horrendously acted (Roy Jenson is the only actor here with previous experience the action scenes are also badly-staged and photographed. I'm also pretty sure that Abbott and the Tigers didn't ask for a laser targeting system as payment during the hijacking in the original film, but that's half the charm of Ho's pastiche films, spotting the badly-intercutted sequences and laughing at the absurdity. After a short car chase and shoot-out, Stokes is shot in the leg and Spyder tosses a crooked ambassador's son off the roof of a highrise building. Shortly afterwards, there's a stunt-filled car chase that ends on a docked ship, where Matt and Larry deliver their second beatdown of the Pentangle. After being roughed-up by some Russian mob cons and seeing some of his new-found friends seriously hurt or killed, he becomes an unwilling participant in a series of illegal guard-sanctioned bare-knuckle fight-to-the-death boxing/wrestling matches.

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Sweden escorts swedish big boobs Instead, the police helicopter-in Gozal's wife and young son to the roof in a rope net (!) to distract Gozal long enough so that the swat Captain can shoot him (and an innocent doctor!) dead in front of his family. Agent 00 (who eskort norge escort sverige is sometimes called simply "Wang breaks up the operation with his expert martial arts moves, which pisses off. In that briefcase is a coded diary that contains all of Edwards' drug contacts. Armed FOR action (1992) - In this low-budget regional actioner, police Sgt. A short distance down the road, their bus is commandeered by Sgt.
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Lester and Bruce walk aw ay, telling Mike that the next time they meet, it won't be under pleasant circumstances. Unfortunately, Cec Verrell keeps her clothes on throughout, but there's a brief shot of svenska porr filmer dejting sajt a topless prostitute during the bar fight. It didn't help that Rick Dean's character was named "Sonny Larger which sounded too much like the name of real Hell's Angels founder Sonny Barger to be a coincidence. When Rico finds out that Johnny was set-up, he kills Davis himself, even though Johnny has killed all his friends. Also known as american hunter. A group of rich people gather on a yacht to view the eighth largest diamond in the world, the 152-carat "Eye Of The Condor".